OnGuard version 8.2 offers new override functionality to access doors in “locked” mode. This feature enables first-responders to navigate through locked doors when necessary. By simply setting a badge attribute, this override feature can help facilitate a timely response. This feature is designed to support first responders during site-wide lockdowns, such as those at schools and campuses or at manufacturing and chemical facilities. OnGuard v8.2 has increased its capability with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to include Amazon RDS cloud database support, additional Azure SQL support and the addition of cloud platforms to its compatibility charts. Other key features now available in OnGuard Version 8.2 include: additional functionality for partner integrations through LenelS2’s OpenAccess API, including efficiency improvements for accessing and processing of cardholder data; enhanced reporting and dashboards functionality through a new, native browser-based client; increased security of DESFire credentials through optional key diversification, providing unique keys for each badge; streamlined reporting and insight gathering from priority data through added user-defined fields/customization options, including the ability to add user defined fields to the alarm response and acknowledgement process; and bi-directional communication support for Honeywell PW7000 series panels, increasing availability of the OnGuard platform for PW7000 customers. 

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