The IQ Remote PowerG security panel is a secondary control panel that gives customers the power to control their security and smart home system with the superior range and reliability of PowerG technology. Customers can add up to eight IQ Remote PowerG panels per system. The 7-in. LCD touchscreen mirrors the elegant user interface of the main IQ Panel 4, providing access to their system and ease of use wherever it is set up. The panel features the same chimes, voices and alarm sounds as IQ Panel 4, as well as the ability to view video streams from cameras doorbells with the live view, live answer feature. IQ Remote PowerG is also compatible with IQ Pro, a hybrid wired/wireless system built for larger residential, business and commercial installations. Additional features include PowerG Security radio for reliable, encrypted, long-range wireless communications; OTA upgrades allowing for future enhancements; emergency panics; and live view video cameras and video doorbell (Wi-Fi required). It is UL 2610 and ULC-S304 rated, including 24-hour backup battery. Users can pair up to three panels over Wi-Fi and five panels over PowerG for a total of eight panels.

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