The 16 MP 180-deg. PanoVu network camera (DS-2CD6944G0-IHS) boasts a 180-deg. spliced image. Empowered by four fixed-focus lenses, this network camera offers resolution close to 6K, delivering superior image detail for comprehensive monitoring. Designed to cater to both close-up and large-scale scenes, the camera enables users to effortlessly monitor vast areas with its automatic image stitching functionality, ensuring comprehensive coverage and eliminating the need for multiple IP addresses. This addition to the PanoVu product family offers smart human density counting and foot traffic analysis. With a built-in heater capable of operating in temperatures down to -40 deg. F), the camera ensures uninterrupted performance, even in extreme weather conditions. The housing also features an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, and the camera stands up against vandalism and physical tampering with an IK10 rating.

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