Verkada’s CP52-E PTZ camera gives customers the ability to monitor large areas. Equipped with a 5MP image sensor, the CP52-E has 360-deg. pan and 220-deg. tilt capabilities. Engineered to deliver remarkably low latency (<500 milliseconds), the CP52-E features 28x optical zoom and delivers excellent detail — even in low-light conditions — with an infrared range of 382 ft. Verkada customers can choose from three alarm licenses with different levels of professional monitoring. The basic alarm license provides alarm monitoring without video verification for organizations that expect few false alarms or have an in-house monitoring team. Customers using the basic alarm license can still use person detection on cameras as an alarm trigger. The standard alarm license includes 100 video verification events per month, and is designed for organizations that do not expect anyone to be on their property after hours. Finally, the premium alarm license provides up to 1,000 video verification events per month, and is meant for areas where some human activity is expected after hours, such as a parking garage or ATM at night. 

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