Snap One’s OvrC-compatible Araknis commercial-grade switches and routers enable high-speed processes and communication, and support advanced use cases such as building management systems, 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 and high-bandwidth installations while ensuring integrators can complete jobs of any size or complexity. The Araknis 620 series managed switches provide eight or 24 RJ45 ports with 1/2.5Gbps capability, plus two 10Gbps SFP+ uplinks. In addition to full Layer 2 functionality, the 620 series also provides some Layer 3 functions, including static IP routing. Each port supports the 802.3BT Type 3 PoE++ standard, providing up to 60W of power per port. The Araknis 920 series offers OvrC-compatible 12- and 24-port managed switches that provide RJ45 ports with 10Gbps connections and 90W Type 4 PoE++ capability. Both the 12- and 24-port models offer expansion modules to add one or two slots for 100Gbps QSFP28 uplinks respectively. The 920 Series provides Layer 3 functionality, plus typical Layer 2 features. The product launch also includes a supplementary power supply module that provides power redundancy and additional PoE power for demanding projects. For high-bandwidth installs, the 220 series single-WAN VPN router features 2.5Gbps speeds and support for basic VPN capabilities and advanced network functionality such as VLANs, QoS, and port forwarding. For larger projects requiring multi-gig support, the 520 series dual-WAN VPN router supports a full 2.5Gbps throughput with a 1Gbps secondary WAN for load balancing or link-failover applications. 

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