Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), an company and provider gunshot detection solutions, announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted two additional patents to its portfolio of indoor gunshot detection technologies, Patent No. US 11,604,248 (Low Power Gunshot Sensor Testing) and Patent No. US 11,688,414 (Low Power Gunshot Detection).

According to the announcement, SDS’s engineering team has long acknowledged the importance of improving energy efficiency in life-saving technologies. By utilizing stored energy more efficiently, sensors can consistently deliver exceptional reliability and reduced maintenance costs, creating better value for customers. The team has developed a groundbreaking approach to leverage SDS’s expertise in infrared detection technologies to significantly reduce battery usage in future indoor gunshot detection sensors. The ‘248 patent, which is SDS’s eighth patent, pertains to a novel testing mechanism supporting the sensor’s practical testing utilizing the low-power approach, while SDS’s ninth patent, the ‘414 patent, introduces methods and technologies for reducing sensor power consumption.

“SDS has always strived to design and engineer products that exceed expectations,” said Rich Onofrio, chief technology officer, who is a lead engineering contributor and a co-author of these and all other SDS patents. “Our progress in power management illustrates to our customers and the industry that SDS products are engineered to deliver value.”

Patent US 11,688,414 is the first SDS patent co-authored by Frank Bachmann, principal hardware designer, a Northeastern University graduate who started his career with SDS in 2018. “I am honored to be acknowledged by both the USPTO and my colleagues,” said Bachmann. “Patents entail years of research, testing, and collaboration before submission, and the SDS engineering team is constantly exploring new ideas.”

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