The AR-300 drone detection radar from Magos Systems provides a 24/7 holistic approach to countering the threat of drones by encompassing detection, classification, locating, tracking and instant alerting. Magos’ cutting-edge MASS+AI technology not only identifies the presence of drones but can also classify birds, reducing nuisance alarms and enabling security teams to differentiate between true threats and irrelevant targets. Furthermore, the system’s ability to locate and track drones in real time ensures precise threat assessment. Alerts are issued via the clients’ VMS, empowering security personnel to respond swiftly and effectively to potential security breaches. The solution provides complete close-range aerial protection of greater than 300 meters for miniature drones (e.g., DJI Mavic) or larger, and 360-deg. airspace area coverage with a radius of 300 meters using four AR-300 radars and one PTZ camera. Magos radars work in conjunction with PTZ cameras and the Magos MASS+AI software that uses purpose-built AI algorithms to classify targets as drones, birds, vehicles or others with a high level of accuracy. Designed for optimal performance under all weather and lighting conditions, Magos radar technology also significantly reduces false and nuisance alarms generated by poor environmental conditions or misidentification of detected objects.

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