The former Global Life Safety Alliance (GLSA) has changed its name to the Life Safety Alliance (LSA). The Alliance, formed in 2018 by some of the most recognized individuals in the Security industry, has continually promoted its vision of advancing the field of Life Safety to a global audience. In that spirit of international collaboration, today’s members work to share knowledge and promote best practices across the industry, building resources for the community on a new website. Along with the new site, a new logo has been rolled out to support the simplified name. The Life Safety Alliance is a not-for-profit organization open to all members of the Security and Life Safety community to foster global networking and cooperation.

“We are delighted to roll out our abbreviated name and redesigned logo,” said Life Safety Alliance President Michael Gips of Global Insights in Professional Security (GIPS). “While we have always been, and will always be, globally focused, we feel this new brand more effectively portrays our evolution as an alliance. This effort also provides the perfect platform to support our new mission — to bring everyone in the life safety and security industry together, while curating and amplifying content from around the world.”

Today, several organizations and associations serve the Security and Life Safety industry in various ways. While each has an integral mission to support factions of the community, such as industry professionals and solution providers, no one place exists for the global community, educational bodies, research foundations, think tanks, corporations and individuals wishing to enter the profession to find information on the training, education, tools and resources that are available. The Life Safety Alliance is aggregating its resources to be that central location.

New assets are being added to the website on an ongoing basis. These include curated whitepapers on doing business in Latin America, as well as a new series of webinars and podcasts that will be posted in the Online Media page of the website. This month’s podcast features board members Peter Raymond of P. Raymond Inc. Consulting and CANASA (Canadian Security Association) Executive Director Patrick Straw discussing aspects of doing business abroad. Upcoming topics include security issues in secondary and higher education, new threats for religious institutions and houses of worship and security career awareness through higher education.

With access to their network of top life safety authorities and global security professionals, the Alliance offers knowledge of current and emerging best practices, emergency systems and infrastructure, educational resources, compliance requirements and trends in technology innovation/adoption.

Past President and current chair of the education committee, Julio Fumagalli Macrae of IRIS added that, “It’s possible for all of us to make a difference with other global life safety communities who can benefit from our shared knowledge. Our previous work with higher education has shown that we can have a positive effect.”

In addition to its members, the Life Safety Alliance works with several partner organizations including the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC). Additionally, the Alliance is active with other Partners such as OAS (Organization of American States) and CANASA.

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