OMNIKEY 5427CK desktop readers can be used for employee logical access. Employees use their access card to log in to their POS station and scan their badge during each transaction they process, ensuring a simple, secure and efficient method of authenticating employees while verifying each user before they gain access to a POS. These readers help prevent unauthorized access, enforce accountability among staff, eliminate the risks around password use and fortify retailers against phishing attacks and fraud. OMNIKEY readers facilitate access to shared POS stations where users are not required to re-enter credentials every time they log in, log out or transact. The OMNIKEY 5427CK readers offer password-less login and user authentication. When employees want to access a station, they simply present their access badge to the reader to prove who they are. The reader authenticates individuals by using secure communication and data assigned to each user. Connected directly via a USB cable, OMNIKEY 5427CK readers are simple to install and can support all relevant operating systems and environments where contactless smart card technologies are required.