The FLIR FC-Series AI is the latest model in the company’s signature fixed camera (FC) series. The FC-Series AI is a thermal security camera with onboard AI analytics that accurately classifies humans and vehicles for early intrusion detection for perimeter protection and remote site monitoring. With video analytics that combine deep neural network and motion-based analytics, the FC-Series AI offers excellent intrusion detection. Featuring a premium thermal sensor with 640 × 512 full resolution, the camera creates images based on the heat emitted by humans and objects, rather than relying solely on visible light. The thermal imager supports a thermal sensitivity of <25 milliKelvin. Offering eight high-performance lenses ranging from an 8.6 deg. × 6.6 deg. to a 90 deg. × 69 deg. field of view, the camera enables security operators to clearly see and detect intruders, even in complete darkness, rain, fog and smoke. The camera also combines DNN- and motion-based video analytics for reliable detection, empowering security managers to differentiate between true threats and nuisance alarms. The FC-Series AI also offers target geolocation capabilities and precise handoff to a PTZ device for streamlined target tracking.

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