Kaadas Group announced that three additional Z-Wave smart lock models from its portfolio have received certification by Alarm.com.

The models include the KA202 Z-Wave Fingerprint Keypad Deadbolt, KA210 Z-Wave Key-Free Touchpad Deadbolt, and KA214 Z-Wave Touchpad Lever.

In July, Kaadas announced Alarm.com certification of Z-Wave smart lock models including the KA200 Key Free Deadbolt Lock, KA201 Keypad Deadbolt Lock, and KA211 Touchpad Deadbolt Lock.

“We’re very pleased to announce that our most recent round of certification has resulted in three new Kaadas locks becoming widely available to Alarm.com service providers,” said Nick English, CEO North America, Kaadas. “In just a few months, we’ve doubled the number of our Alarm.com certified smart lock solutions and we look forward to maintaining our momentum as we move into 2024 and beyond.”  

To date, all of the Kaadas smart lock models that have achieved Alarm.com certification are also Z-Wave certified and available with the Z-Wave 700 Series module, enabling their seamless integration and interoperability with the largest smart home security ecosystem over 4,300 Z-Wave certified devices strong.

Each of the following models are UL certified and have a 20-minute fire rating:

  • The KA202 Z-Wave Fingerprint Keypad Deadbolt features a 3D biometric fingerprint scanner and is capable of unlocking in as little as 0.3 seconds. Additionally, users may lock/unlock via the integrated backlit keypad with personalized access codes or by using a traditional key.
  • The KA210 Z-Wave Key-Free Touchpad features several safety features that Alarm.com service providers can leverage as key selling points to customers. The KA210 is capable of auto locking, has a lockout mode and away mode, and comes equipped with unique PIN code features, such as the generation of a one-time pin code which disappear after use.
  • The KA214 Z-Wave Touchpad Lever lock supports one-time PIN code generation, one-touch unlocking, as well as remote management and access.  

Kaadas Group’s global headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China. Kaadas North America operates out of a regional headquarters and warehouse located in California, with a sales and marketing network distributed throughout the United States set up to service and support the U.S. and Canada.