Niles Audio Corp. is offering the FM-1 and FM-1R System Cooling Modules. Designed to address the growing need for cabinet and rack system cooling, the modules keep audio/video equipment cool and running smoothly thanks to variable-speed, temperature-sensing dual 12VDC fans that move 150 cubic feet of air per minute at just the right times. The modules are operated by a brushless motor for quiet operation. The modules’ exterior features a sleek, low-profile design. The FM-1 (standard module) and FM-1R (rack-mount module) give dealers and installers the ability to provide clients with a top-to-bottom solution that ensures the longevity of the audio and video equipment they sell or install, while at the same time, actually enhancing the performance levels of equipment. Featuring remote trigger inputs that turn the fan on and off automatically, both the FM-1 and the FM-1R have a trigger loop output that can be daisy-chained to additional trigger devices or fan-cooling modules. Additionally, a two-minute turnoff delay circuit prevents heat buildup in the rack or cabinet once equipment has been turned off.Niles Audio Corp.

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