, McLean, Va., and Vector Security, Pittsburgh, announced a strategic new dealer program alliance. Through this partnership, Vector’s authorized dealers will offer, a privately labeled version of theAlarm.comservice, to residential customers in New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the state of Florida.

According toAlarm.comand Vector Security representatives, the dealer program alliance will allow small dealers to offer emerging interactive alarm technology to their customers without having to shoulder the central station-related expenses required to launch the service. “A well-respected innovator in the security industry, Vector recognizes the value’s technology for enabling customers to monitor and control their security systems through the Web,” said Steve Trundle, CEO “We’re excited to see that Vector is now sharing their technology platform with their dealer base. Vector dealers will now be able to compete more effectively in a changing market where Web integration is becoming a stronger factor in customer choice.”

Tom Rogers, senior vice president at Vector Security, who headed Vector’s internal deployment of theAlarm.comservice to its proprietary customers, cites that this move is aimed directly at preserving and continually improving Vector’s reputation for providing the highest grade of central station services.

John Madden, Vector’s vice president of the Authorized Dealer program, said that the program, titled “Share the Wealth,” will help improve the incomes their dealers can realize from the average system sale.

“For most dealers in this industry, income from an average system sale has been inadvertently capped by what prospective customers have come to believe is the acceptable price for an alarm. Including our services in the mix increases the average sale price substantially, to include additional sensing devices used to monitor additional points within the house; and thereby creates newfound wealth for our dealers.”