If you have ever wanted to have your opinions on marketing materials in the security industry heard, this is your opportunity by voting on-line for SDM’s Securing America Awards.

The awards cannot be given without your participation. That is why it is vitally important to the entrants and the industry that you review the following pages of the 2005 SDM Securing America Awards and click on “SDM’s Securing America Awards – Voters Click Here” at the top right of the home page and vote your choices online or click here.

Since 1990, the SDM Securing America Awards have singled out the efforts of the industry’s top suppliers to help dealers and integrators sell electronic security solutions more successfully to American consumers and companies.

The mission of the awards is to sustain industry awareness and recognition of imaginative and high-quality marketing tools that present dealers, integrators and the industry at their best to end-users.

This 15th annual SDM Securing America Awards honors suppliers who provide the best Web sites, sales literature, manuals, marketing materials, community outreach programs, direct mail, target marketing, online services and resources aimed at residential and non-residential customers.

To retrieve additional information on any entered program directly from the vendor, read the following pages and call the vendor, go to the vendor’s Web site or circle the corresponding number on the reader service card included in this issue of SDM.

If you are at ISC West in Las Vegas in April, stop by the SDM booth for more information on the Securing America award winners.

SDM magazine editors will collect the votes and report on the results in a future issue of SDM as well as on the Web site.