From Essex Electronics Inc., the Essex Piezoelectric Exit Button (PEB Series) is a heavy-duty, vandal-resistant, stainless-steel exit button designed for indoor, outdoor, harsh, and high-traffic applications. With two outputs and an adjustable 1 to 40-sec. output time, the Piezoelectric Exit Button can be used to control an automatic door, electric lock/strike, or magnetic lock. It also can be tied into the remote bypass (request to exit) input of an access control system or used to shunt an alarm system to allow egress from a secured area. The Essex Piezoelectric Exit Button features jumper-selectable illumination status. Brilliant red, vibrant green or no illumination can be selected to show relay ON or relay OFF status. Constructed of stainless steel, the Piezoelectric Exit Button is designed to mount to a single-gang switchbox. Essex Electronics Inc.

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