Belden Electronics Division offers a line of access control composite cables for use in commercial buildings, or any site that needs to implement a limited-access, secure area. Composite cables decrease labor costs and are easier and quicker to install than individual cables that first must be bundled, then pulled. Belden Access Control Banana Peel composite cables offer even more in the way of labor savings by utilizing two innovations: the complete elimination of the overall jacket and the use of color coding and application printing on the four individual cables. These features offer installers of door entry/exit devices – including equipment such as card readers, retina scanners and hand-scanning devices – a host of benefits. To achieve this jacketless Banana PeelT construction, Belden utilizes a patent-pending design that affixes the four individual cables to a center spline. This allows installers to just peel the individual cables away from the spline when they are ready to terminate. Belden Access Control Banana Peel cables are available in both Plenum-rated (Part Number 658AFS) and Riser-rated (Part Number 558AFS) versions. Belden Electronics Division

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