TeleEye Group launches two 4-channel all-in-one video and audio Dialup CCTV transmitters, TeleEye DT-103P and TeleEye DT-103D running on PSTN and ISDN, respectively. TeleEye Dialup CCTV transmitters are ideal for remote surveillance and alarm verification of remote properties. Its compact design (120mm x 109mm x 42mm) allows easy installation and rapid deployment. With built-in modem and audio design, the system is capable to fit in almost any environment. By simply hooking up video cameras, microphone and telephone line/ISDN line to the TeleEye Dialup transmitter, you can monitor a remote premises anytime. Fast image update rate up to 10fps at 33.6kbps can be achieved. The system can handle and verify alarm events by dialing to the control center, recording video and alerting security personnel automatically. TeleEye Group

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