A recent partnership with General Solutions, Houston, adds another remote video system to the list of hardware products that DICE Corp., Bay City, Mich., has integrated into its automation software. When ACM U.L. Monitoring Station, a Phoenix-based DICE client since 1997, wanted to upgrade their video monitoring system, DICE Corp. and General Solutions joined forces to provide them a solution.

Bob and Karen Kohn, executive directors of ACM U.L., said, “Our goal in upgrading our video monitoring system was to get something integrated that was easy for our operators to use. General Solutions seemed to have more amenities in their mid-priced solutions than the others that we looked at, and they offered very good support before and after the sale.” ACM hoped to use their new system in conjunction with two-way voice, and to meet the increasing demand for video verification and reducing false alarms in the industry. ACM has been using the new system for two months, and is very happy with the results. “The signal comes in, the video is there within two seconds, and our operators don’t have to do anything. The video pops right up. The integration with DICE was very smooth,” said Kohn.

“We’re always looking to integrate new hardware into our software to make it easier for clients to upgrade old systems or adopt newer ones that will allow them additional streams of revenue,” said Cliff Dice, CEO of DICE Corp. “With General Solutions, it was a perfect fit.”

For more information on ACM U.L. Monitoring Station visit www.acm-ul.com or contact them toll free at (800) 422-0205. For more information on General Solutions visit www.generalsolutions.net. For more information on DICE Corp., visit www.dicecorp.com or contact the corporate sales division at (800) RUN-DICE.