A partnership of companies to provide EPC compliance and design solutions has been formed by Checkpoint Systems Inc., Thorofare, N.J., called the Checkpoint Systems EPC Compliance Network.

The network includes systems integrators, solution providers and third-party logistics firms working together to deliver EPC-compliant RFID solutions that address near-term needs and provide strategic value to their customers.

A key component of the new compliance initiative is the expanded Checkpoint EPC Compliance Center. Network members will have access to a wide variety of services and resources offered at the center.

Located in Thorofare, N.J., the center is a state-of-the-art, vendor-agnostic RFID testing laboratory. It provides a controlled environment where network members and their customers can evaluate and design EPC-compliant RFID solutions, various EPC consumables, readers and reader configurations, middleware and processes in a real-world stockroom environment.

“Industry mandates require a 100 percent read rate regardless of product type or orientation, making thorough testing essential,” pointed out John Thorn, general manager – supply chain solutions for Checkpoint Systems. “Understanding tag characteristics and how well different tags work on various types of products in real-world situations is critical.

“Equally important is an understanding of the variables that could affect the tag read rate, and as a result, a company’s ability to meet their customers’ compliance initiatives,” Thorn added.

As an EPC Compliance Network member, partners and their customers have access to the industry’s leading RFID reader and tag engineers and systems design consultants. Checkpoint also provides its members with a variety of technical training, sales and cooperative marketing tools.

To date, Bekins Logistics, Control Solutions, NCS Technologies and SI Systems have joined the EPC Compliance Network.