A new line of photoelectric smoke detectors is available from System Sensor, a market leader in fire and notification devices. The new detectors, the i3 series, are based on three principles: installation ease; intelligent features; and instant inspection. The i3 series consists of both two-wire and four-wire photoelectric detectors available with or without a fixed 135-deg. F thermal sensor. The i3 series detectors feature a number of distinct features including a plug-in design that permits pre-wiring, a maintenance protocol that visually signals when a detector requires cleaning, drift compensation, and both green and red LED status indicators. Also part of the i3 line is a two-wire loop test/maintenance module, infrared sensitivity reader, and removal tool and retrofit adapter bracket. The i3 loop test/maintenance module provides a visual indication when a two-wire i3 detector needs cleaning, and allows any listed panel to communicate with two-wire i3 detectors. The i3 sensitivity reader provides specific sensitivity readings without the need for a physical connection to the detector or a voltmeter. System Sensor, a division of Honeywell

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