Russound, a leading manufacturer of A/V products for the residential systems and connectivity markets, announces a major enhancement to its new ST2 Dual AM/FM tuner. In March, XM Satellite Radio will be offered by Russound as an affordable option for its high-performance modular tuner. When used in a multi-room system, the convenience, extensive choice of programming and near CD quality sound can be available from anywhere in the home at the touch of a button. The Russound ST2 will still be available in its current standard configuration with two AM/FM modules for $699 (MAP). The new version will come supplied with one XM and one AM/FM module for $999 (MAP). Russound also announces the addition of the ST-2KP, an optional Smart Tuner keypad that allows the user to view station feedback, as well as the ability to select their favorite pre-set stations. This additional display feedback and local control of the new elegant keypad will be particularly desirable with XM on board. The ST2KP will be shipping in March, 2004 and offered at $199 (MAP). Russound

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