The transition from analog surveillance networks to a readily expandable digital architecture has been accelerated by affordable systems from Mavix. With the Mavix MediaRacer family of surveillance modules, security professionals have the bandwidth-friendly streaming of MPEG-4 compression, allowing the addition of a practically unlimited number of video, audio and data sources to a network. Control comes from the extremely intuitive interface of the Maview Console, the advanced management application software that can be installed and mastered in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months. MediaRacer and the Maview console are the key components of the Mavix “Virtual Matrix,” a highly scalable foundation for surveillance installations large and small. It boasts the largest number of boxes on a network, with the ability to add a virtually unlimited number of nodes, cameras, sensors and other information sources in any combination. The simplicity of the Maview GUI gives users the ability to manage cameras, monitors, alarm sensors and controllers, and communications, operating over infrastructures such as 100Base10, wireless networks, satellite, and more. Equipped with analog and digital output, systems integrators can also utilize existing analog CCTV cameras and monitors at a substantial savings over starting from scratch with new equipment. Mavix

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