Custom installations and system integration just got easier thanks to new upgrades to the full-featured Voice Alert System-6 wireless annunciator system. Voice Alert System-6 is a patented, wireless annuciator system that allows specific, voice-customized alert messages to be recorded for each monitored zone. Contact closures and audio output now come standard with the newest product. Now installers can choose to use Voice Alert’s infrared (PIR) sensing capabilities or a hardwire contact built into the sensor/transmitter to determine a potential security breach in a home or business. When the sensor/transmitter is triggered either by movement detected via infrared or a hard contact, the unit sends a wireless signal to the receiver, causing a user-recorded message to alert the user. The Voice Alert receiver/speaker also has added audio capabilities. Now installers can provide message amplification by connecting the wireless Voice Alert receiver to an existing intercom, speaker or public address system using the built-in audio output. Cross Point Industries Inc.

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