The Intellex product family from American Dynamics has new products for digital video management systems. Intellex DVMS Version 3.2 is for mid- to large-size companies and has video analysis tools to track objects by size, speed, shape or direction of motion. The Policy Manager software individually secures each feature by user ID and pass code for all Intellex units and remote workstations. The Archive Manager software organizes video in remote storage devices, which allows users to ship recorded video off-site while still being able to view the video from multiple locations via Network Client. Intellex LT is for small- to mid-size organizations and uses a Windows 2000 platform, equipped with multiplexing, alarm and event detection, and remote viewing. The Intellex RMS is a digital video surveillance system that includes RAID 5 fault tolerance protection against hard-drive failure, along with mass storage capable of holding more than seven years worth of video. American Dynamics

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