Alarm Lock Systems Inc.’s Narrow Stile line of Trilogy locks are PIN and PIN/Prox locks with field-proven push-button convenience for 100-2000 code or HID Prox users of aluminum doors with Adams Rite latch locks. The DL1200 series supports 100 users and is fingertip- and/or keypad-programmable. The DL1200 series includes 2 Lithium 3V batteries. For support of many users, the DL1300 series can maintain 2,000 users and includes 40,000-event audit trail and 500-event schedule. The DL1300 is also keypad- or PC-programmable and includes 2 lithium 3V batteries. For the support of both PIN and prox, the PDL1300 accommodates both and carries the same features as the DL1300 Series. The Trilogy 1200 and 1300 series offer convenient keyless access and an audit trail anywhere there is an aluminum narrow stile door. Alarm Lock Systems Inc.

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