3VR Security Inc.’s Version 2.0 platform and OpCenter software includes support for higher-resolution, more accurate people tracking and identification, remote access over low-bandwidth connections and an updated monitoring and search interface. The software uses full 30 fps interlaced D1 imaging across all camera channels simultaneously and can find people, identify faces and perform similarity searches. Users can monitor, search and manage multiple 3VR systems over a remote network connection, as well as integrate alarms and other relay devices. 3VR Security Inc.

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Identify a stolen or ‘hot-listed’ vehicle

InPlay Technologies Security Division’s CarCatcher mobile license plate recognition system includes software that runs on a laptop or PC combined with a camera. The system automatically finds and reads license plates on parked or moving vehicles and instantly sounds an alarm when a plate matches categorized “hot lists.” Multiple lists can be used, and the system offers the flexibility to match alarms to the urgency of individual lists. CarCatcher uses off-the-shelf computers and component architecture, and one- or two-camera systems are available. Cameras, which mount temporarily or permanently to any vehicle, can be exchanged between vehicles. InPlay Technologies Inc.

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