Designed to be flexible, expandable, and easy to use, the Y-Go structured wiring system makes solving home and office technology needs easier than ever before. Engineered exclusively by the technical staff at Y-connect, the Y-Go system makes residences nearly future proof, providing the capability to adapt and expand telecom, datacom, and video distribution services throughout the home. The system provides complete flexibility through its plug-n-play modular design, a feature unique to the Y-Go system. At the Y-Go main panel, the installer connects the color-coded module corresponding to the service desired for each location in the home. With the system, users can customize an outlet’s function to distribute any of the following: incoming telephone service, video camera, security camera, DSL or cable modem, LANservice, DVD and VCR distribution. It is compatible with most security systems. Y-connect, a unit of Yazaki North America

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