The AMAG S813 reader combines the BioscryptR MV1200T fingerprint sensor with a Philips MIFARER / MIFARE DESFire contactless smart card chip to produce a high-security front-end to an access control system. The smart card is used to store a fingerprint template, enabling the card holder to retain possession of their fingerprint template. The AMAG S813 reader has the flexibility to automatically switch between three different operating modes, including card only, one finger, and two finger, to accommodate dynamic security requirements. The AMAG S813 Fingerprint Biometric + Contactless Smart Card reader is designed to communicate with AMAG’s multiNODE controller panels and AMAG software versions 4.02 and later. In addition to offering Bioscrypt fingerprint technology, AMAG also offers seamless integrations with a range of other best-of-breed biometric technologies, including hand geometry from Recognition SystemsR, iris recognition from LG Electronics, and facial recognition from IdentixR. AMAG Technology Inc.

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