Three training seminars from OzVision, Woburn, Mass., have earned CEU accreditation. The new courses – Installation of OzVision 4CS and 12CS, OzVision Central Station Operator Training and OzVision for Central Station IT Operations – are the latest OzVision courses to earn CEU accreditation. Recurring Revenue from Video, a sales course on selling video services, previously earned CEU accreditation several years ago.

With the three newly accredited courses, industry professionals will be able to earn CEU credit for training in all the facets that are integral to the OzVision concept: sales, installation and central station operations. The courses will be offered at companies for on-site training, at distribution branches, conventions, on the Web and at OzVision’s corporate headquarters.

Because many of the major security manufacturers offer products that are OzVision-compatible and central stations have made OzVision technology the standard, the training seminars go beyond products specific to OzVision and are industry-wide.