An episode of the Discovery cable channel’s security reality show, “It Takes A Thief,” that features a DVR from Dedicated Micros Inc., Chantilly, Va., is scheduled to be run again Oct. 24 at 5 p.m. EST.

The show’s premise is that two former burglars who obtain a homeowner’s permission to break into their home show the family where they need to implement security measures to protect them from real-life burglars.

Once they show the homeowners where their security weaknesses lie, they bring in professionals to install everything from deadbolts and home safes to state-of-the-art electronic surveillance equipment.

“Episode 15: Diamond Dealer” features an auctioneer named Bruce, who buys and sells expensive jewelry. He often takes his considerable inventory home with him at night, much to the concern of his fiancée, Anna.

Lion Television, the show’s producers, chose the Digital Sprite 2, which Dedicated Micros donated to the family along with its installation, for the quality of its recorded images, its suitability to a residential application and its ease of use, according to Dedicated Micros.

“With the multitude of reality shows that provide only entertainment, we are excited to be associated with the Discovery Channel through programming that gives real value to its viewers by providing suggestions for keeping their residences safe,” stated Don Taylor, vice president of marketing at Dedicated Micros.