The MAXPRO-Net, a CPU-based video switching and control system for the surveillance and security industry, is designed for expansion from small matrix solutions to networked systems that integrate access, fire, BMS, intercom and perimeter systems. Applications include casinos, retail stores, airports, prisons, oil pipelines and diamond mines. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras, digital video recorders, videocassette recorders, motion detectors and other video processing equipment can be incorporated into the system, allowing centralized management. All functions are controlled through one keyboard and a Windows-based graphical user interface. External alarm inputs can be programmed to select cameras. Cameras can be electronically monitored to verify valid video signal levels. The system automatically responds to a camera failure, recording where and when the failure occurred. External equipment such as electric door latches or a boom-gate control can be managed through the central keyboard.Honeywell

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