Indala smart cards are used at Microsoft Corp. Photo Courtesy of Indala

Indala Corp., San Jose, Calif., began production of 22,000 multi-technology smart cards for Microsoft Corp. This was the second of four phases designed to replace older 32KB-chip cards (also Indala) used by all Microsoft employees and contractors. According to Candy Stark, security program manager Microsoft Corp., “The new cards hold a greater amount of memory than the previous cards, and give us the flexibility to support applications such as cashless vending and cafeteria payments.”

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), Springfield, Mo., teamed with LRG North to support DMP’s growth efforts in Canada. LRG North covers Canada from coast to coast.

“Much of LRG’s efforts are focused on supporting network technology products, which makes DMP an excellent partner,” said Ken Hall, LRG North’s sales and marketing executive for DMP products. LRG North is associated with LRG International, which represents DMP in Latin America.