“Biometrics in Physical Access Control – Issues, Status and Trends,” the latest white paper from the Security Industry Association (SIA), Alexandria, Va., examines how biometrics are integrated into access control applications and the key issues to be considered when using a biometric device.

A primary goal of the paper is to educate and inform users about the potential of biometrics in access control and its many benefits.

“Modern biometrics has been gaining acceptance for only the last five to 10 years,” said Joe Turek, chair of SIA’s biometrics industry group and president of Biometrics2000 Corp. “Only through education can this industry provide the end user quality integration of biometrics and security solutions.”

The paper was produced by SIA’s biometrics industry group as part of a series “Guide to the Usage of Biometrics.” This paper joins “Biometrics in the Workplace.” The group plans to produce additional papers in 2006.

“By producing this white paper, SIA hopes to further the market’s overall understanding of how to successfully implement biometrics,” said Bill Spence, vice chair of SIA’s biometrics industry group and vice president of Recognition Systems Inc.

The report serves as a resource for large and small companies who want to integrate biometrics components into their physical access control systems. The report can be downloaded for free at SIA’s Web site, www.siaonline.org.