The Security Control Unit (SCU) family of modular, stand-alone controllers for the I/Net Seven Security Management System provide a flexible mix of door control and alarm monitoring features with lower installation costs and downloadable upgrades. All SCUs function as stand-alone devices or as part of a LAN system with up to four readers and four doors per controller. The SCU provides access into and exit from an area, customizable door sounders and supports the two-man rule creating escorted access for increased security. It can monitor the status of locks and doors, a variety of other security input devices and can control elevators. It provides full entry and exit Anti-Passback control and complex sequence control. Alarms and events are protected against power failure and can be routed to selected I/NET Seven workstations and printers. It can generate fault messages according to specific programming. Dynamic memory management allows maximum storage of 96,000 cardholders and transactions. It can implement smart card, MIFARE and biometric applications.TAC

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