Tom Norton of Norel Service Company, Cambridge, Mass., was appointed to the NFPA board of directors. Norton is a past chairman of Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA) and has been actively involved in both the AFAA board of directors and representing AFAA on NFPA technical committees.

Shane Clary of Bay Alarm Company, Pacheco, Calif., was appointed to the NFPA standards council. Clary is on the AFAA board of directors and the CAFAA board of directors. He is also the chairman of the NFPA 72 fundamentals technical committee.

Tom Hammerberg, AFAA president and executive director, was appointed to represent AFAA on the NFPA 90A standard for the installation of HVAC systems technical committee. Hammerberg also represents AFAA on the NFPA 72 protected premises and testing, inspection and maintenance technical committees, the NFPA 72 technical correlating committee and the NFPA 101/5000 building services and fire protection equipment technical committee. For a full list of AFAA representatives on technical committees, go to and click on the link to AFAA reps on NFPA technical committees.