The DMC-10 is Linear Corp.’s new M&S Systems brand structure wiring intercom system. The system, which does not require a master station, offers hands-free communication from all room stations to the door station and vice versa. Each hub supports up to eight stations—room, patio or door—plus a door strike. Each kit includes four room stations, one door station and one hub. The three-tone chime module is built in. Accessories include audio wall plates, a patio station, more room stations, and a second hub. Room and patio station volume are adjusted via up and down keys. Background music is muted when the intercom or doorbell is in use. Twelve-volt DC power is supplied to each key pad from the hub and in compliance with UL Standard 1310 for Class II switching power supplies. Wiring is done by pulling CAT 5 cable from the hub to every station location.Linear Corp.

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