Lumina from Home Automation Inc. (HAI) is a central lighting and control system that allows for the setting of elegant lighting scenes throughout the home, with the ability to preset “modes” for each room that can be scheduled (according to sunrise/sunset, motion, or event) or controlled manually. Choices on the mode controller are home, away, party, sleep, special or vacation. Existing light switches are replaced with HAI’s selection of switches and dimmers, then the Lumina controller is mounted on a wall and plugged in. The LCD keypad/console sets it up. The transformer and backup battery are included. Lumina is available in two versions: the Lumina, capable of eight rooms and 64 loads, and the Lumina Pro, capable of 31 rooms and 217 loads. Each has built-in Ethernet port and three serial ports for easy expansion. Customers can expand their Lumina’s connectivity with HAI options such as telephone access with voice menus, Web-Link II (for internet control), home control for Windows media center (for control with a single remote), HAI thermostats and temperature sensors (for energy management), HAI wireless door and motion sensors for lighting control and numerous other accessories. Lumina Pro also supports multi-room audio systems. Lumina has a built-in astronomical clock for sunrise and sunset calculations and automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment, ensuring accurate dusk-to-dawn lighting control year-round.Home Automation Inc.

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