Honeywell Power Products is offering two compact, cost-effective power supplies, the HPF24S6 and HPF24S8. Functioning as a stand-alone supply or triggered by virtually any 12- or 24-volt fire alarm control panel, these units deliver six or eight amps depending on model through four Class B or two Class A output circuits, and can easily be expanded to four Class A circuits with the addition of a quick-mounting expansion module. In compliance with NFPA 72, UL 864 and UL 1481 national fire alarm standards, the HPF24S6 and HPF24S8 have built-in strobe synchronization protocols. Each contains an integral battery charger capable of charging up to 18 amp hour batteries. Easily programmable DIP switches, ground fault detection indicators and a lightweight cabinet design with ample back-up battery space allow easy installation and reduce shipping costs.Honeywell Power Products

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