MESH-addressable devices provide tools to react to problems as they arise.

Stephen Pineau, president and CEO of Viscount Systems Inc., Burnaby, British Columbia, presented “High Availability Physical Security, Reducing Liability by Eliminating Control Hardware” to delegates at the ASIS – Emerging Trends in Security conference in Las Vegas. Pineau’s presentation described how MESH technology can reduce the liability organizations face when traditional systems fail. In particular, he described how MESH LANBot servers provide practical hardware backup solution in comparison to traditional controllers that, in the event of failure, require servicing and degraded security. As well, he described how MESH- addressable devices provide tools to react to problems as they arise.

“Security is generally required to protect people and property and to mitigate risk,” Pineau said. “Yet, traditional systems also introduce elements that put organizations at risk. Cases included an unreported traditional controller/reader failure at a critical hospital storage door and the litigation that followed. There are other mission-critical applications where the failure of traditional systems creates organizational unreported risks and risks associated with long service cycles. This includes any controlled gate, emergency medical and fire suppression storage, and even industrial applications where a spare part protected behind an unusable door creates business loss issues.”