Bosch Security Systems Inc. added four models of public view monitor systems to its line of integrated closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems. The UMS-20S36 and UMS-20W39 Series are equipped with a 20-in. LCD flat panel display and either a color or a wide dynamic range camera with a varifocal auto iris lens. The systems include a 20.1-inch color LCD display, high resolution camera, integrated memory card reader, motion and light sensors. The integrated memory card reader works with multiple flash memory card formats and allows welcome messages, logos or advertising to display on the monitor when it is not in surveillance mode. The light sensor detects ambient light levels and places the monitor into sleep mode after hours, turning off the display but leaving the camera on. The tamper-resistant design features feed-through wiring and a button-less housing so the display cannot be disabled accidentally.

Bosch Security
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