EnerSys’ 5-Ah, 6-volt Genesis NP5-6 battery is leak-proof and maintenance- free. Its built-in design controls gas generation, as well as induces the recombination of more than 99 percent of the gases generated during float usage. The battery is equipped with safety release valves so excess gasses will not accumulate within the battery. The battery’s lead calcium tin-alloy grids contribute to improved float and cyclic performance. With a nominal capacity at the 20-hour rate of 5.0 Ah, it measures 2.76 by 1.85 by 4.21 inches. It weighs 2.05 lbs., and operates over a range of ambient temperatures. At room temperature, the self-discharge rate is approximately 3 percent of rated capacity per month. In float-service applications, it has a service life of three to five years, while in cyclic applications it can realize more than 1,000 discharge and recharge cycles.