IS-250 Expanded from Gray Electronics is a system that intelligently selects and communicates 12 digital alarm data signals via a network Internet alarm communicator to the company’s central station in San Antonio for monitoring. The unit is built around a UL-approved high-grade encrypted security, LAN, WAN, Internet network alarm communicator board, has battery backup power, and is housed in its own lockable enclosure. UL-approved, 128-bit encrypted polling between its IP address on a LAN/ WAN/Internet TCP/IP network and Gray Electronics’ Central Station monitor the connection so that a failure of the network link will be detected in less than 200 seconds at the central station. All customers need is an Internet IP Address on their TCP/IP Network. Their routers must allow port forwarding to the assigned IP Address, which allows the company to service the unit via the Internet as needed. Power companies may monitor their electric power grid for failure via the power detection circuitry, which generates alarms with a 15-second delay. Buildings with fire sprinkler systems can monitor the system’s tamper and flow switches and generate alarms that are communicated to a Central Station.

Gray Electronics
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