AVAD opened several new locations, including this one in Austin, Texas. Photo Courtesy of AVAD LLC

Over the past year, AVAD, a distributor of custom installation products, has promoted, transferred or hired 15 managers — a strategic move to strengthen the company as it prepares for several exciting developments, said Bob Gartland, president of the company.

Besides a growing staff, AVAD is expanding in other ways as well. With three distribution centers now open and fully operational in Woburn, Mass.; Austin, Texas; and Tampa, Fla.; and six more new locations slated to open in this year, AVAD will house a total of 36 distribution centers by the end of 2006. New locations will include Raleigh, N.C., Chicago, Richmond, Va., and Las Vegas.

Additionally, AVAD continues to bring new brands to its product line up, including the recent additions of Goo Systems, Niveus Media and Toshiba. For more information about the company, visitwww.avad.com.