Grandeye announced the launch of its new Halocam Compact IP series of ultra-high-resolution cameras in the United States. The series introduces many unique features essential for 360-deg. full situational awareness surveillance. Halocam Compact’s features include in-camera generation of multiple independent perspective-corrected virtual camera (VCAM) views, each fully controllable manually or via in-camera video analytics, and support for electronic pan-tilt-zoom (ePTZ) around the 360-deg. field of view during playback as well as live viewing. The Halocam Compact is inherently omni-directional and can cover complete scenes by panoramic or multi-view screens. The multi-screen views supported by the camera may be composited at the client end — either in the NVR or on a PC running a standard Web browser. All of the cameras generate ultra-high-resolution images captured using high-quality fisheye lenses. In virtual mode, the IP camera is completely plug and play.Grandeye Inc.

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