EverSecure, a Matco Co., announces a new release of its PC-based, portable four-channel Web DVR, DVRU-4204, which provides high performance stream-based digital video recorder function to be implemented with any connected PC, and coverts the PC into a real time DVR within a minute without opening the case. The DVRU-4204 accepts four channels of composite video and audio signals, compresses them into MPEG-4 format with its on board DSP, and sends them to connected PC via USB2.0 interface. It provides 30 fps real-time video/audio display and recording for each channel at 320 by 240 pixels. Remote Access Control is fully available via TCP/IP, ISDN, PSTN and ADSL. RS-485 interface is available for the PTZ control. Up to four units of DVRU-4204 can be connected to the same PC to build a PC-based DVR for up to 16 channels. Client software is included. In addition, it is portable and good for small business security solution.

EverSecure, a Matco Co.

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