Logitech International, Fremont, Calif., announced that it is broadening its presence in the digital home business with the acquisition of WiLife Inc., which offers an affordable, easy-to-use, PC-based video solution for self-monitoring a home or smaller business.

The WiLife solution leverages the power of the PC and the Internet to offer an alternative to home-monitoring services. The solution consists of PC software, up to six wireless video cameras and a receiver plugged into wall outlets. The cameras and receiver communicate using HomePlug technology, which transmits the video through a building’s electrical wires. The video that is captured can be stored on a local PC hard disk or stored via the Internet by WiLife and accessed remotely — on a PC or a portable device such as a cell phone or PDA — using the WiLife online service.

The WiLife solution also includes an Internet-based basic service, which can be upgraded to the Platinum service for $80 per year. With the basic service, the cameras can begin recording video when motion is detected or at a scheduled time. People can view the video from any Web browser, wherever they are, and they can receive alerts via e-mail or on their cell phone or PDA. The Platinum service enables a variety of additional features such as video backup and sharing and online camera management, such as position control.

For more information, visitwww.logitech.com.