Firetide Inc., based in Los Gatos, Calif., is a developer of wireless mesh and access networks. The city of Elko, Nev., recently deployed a Firetide wireless mesh network to successfully centralize the city’s IT services and public safety communications. Deploying a Firetide wireless mesh network enables the city of Elko to affordably and reliably connect city buildings and departments to modernize its emergency communications, deliver instant software updates, and provide Internet access for city personnel. With a population of about 36,000, Elko is known as the hub of northeastern Nevada.

Prior to the Firetide wireless network deployment, the fire station was only able to receive emergency dispatches from the dispatch center via phone. This method wasted precious minutes, and often inaccurate details were written down regarding the address and directions to the emergency. The wireless network, designed and deployed by Firetide partner and Carson City, Nev.-based systems integrator JFG Systems, enabled the city to implement a much more robust and error-proof communications system.

“The Elko Fire Department refers to its new emergency communication system as Rip-and-Run,” said Brianne Clark, information systems manager for the city of Elko. “Now that the police department is networked to the fire department, firemen receive an instant printout of dispatch details. In addition, the dispatchers can send more timely reports via the network for inclusion in the fire department records located in the central server at the police department.”

Before deploying the Firetide network solution, it took the city’s IT team at least one day a week to provide computer maintenance for the city departments because IT staffers had to drive to each location. Now user access or passwords can be updated remotely in minutes. The city also has reduced costs with more efficient IT maintenance, distributed Internet access, and improved software solutions. For instance, the network has made it possible for multiple city departments to access a central database, which has been an asset in unifying city billing practices. Now the landfill, animal shelter, fire department, and many other departments can access the same databases and files.

“With Firetide, the wireless mesh network installation was quick, easy and reliable,” said Ron Baker, president of JFG Systems. “We’ve worked with the city of Elko for many years and recommend Firetide as the best wireless network system available to create a secure, reliable, fast centralized data and IT maintenance solution.” 

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