Videofied has released the Copper Theft Marketing Program In-a-Box for dealers.  The program provides dealers their own custom website, and custom URL and customized copper theft brochures and postcards, all branded with the dealer’s logo and contact information.

“Having a marketing plan makes businesses more successful,” said Keith Jentoft, president of RSI Video Technologies, the manufacturer of Videofied. “Our outdoor wireless video security system can be used to combat copper theft. The more feedback we got from dealers using the product for this, the more we understood the need to also develop a marketing program to go with the product so that dealers could generate their own leads and fully capitalize on the business opportunity. 

“Dealers that are technical experts aren’t necessarily also marketing experts. Now dealers can immediately launch their own copper theft marketing campaign and get a piece of the growing opportunity available to them, Jentoft said.”

The Copper Theft Marketing Program In-a-Box is available now to authorized Videofied resellers. Visit for details.