Design and manufacturing ingenuity in the access control industry continues to ensure that security dealers and integrators will face no shortage of selection among access control keypads.  Dozens of choices exist, and their features grow more robust with every passing year. Along with expected characteristics like programmability from the keypad, durable housings for exterior and interior applications and suitability for all lighting conditions, expect to find an array of more innovative features, as well.

In this article, SDM has compiled a round-up of some most asked-for and most recently introduced access control keypads, in order to assist readers with finding the ideal selection for the distinctive demands of their customers. Each is unique and sports some special features, because we know your projects are diverse and customer needs are specific. .

Dual-Purpose Reader/Keypad Is Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Keyscan Inc. recently unveiled the K-KPR proximity reader/keypad, a dual-purpose reader supporting proximity and/or PIN identification. As a proximity reader, it utilizes proven RFID technology and is HID (125 kHz) compatible, supporting most HID 125 kHz credentials. As a keypad, it is outstanding in nighttime use, thanks to a soft blue backlighting and a continuously illuminated 5 key that make it much more visible. To aid the visually impaired, the faceplate features a tactile design with raised numerals and a “pip” on the 5 key. And because it features dual proximity and PIN verification, the unit provides an extra layer of protection for those applications requiring enhanced security. Epoxy potting provides extra protection for the K-KPR’s electronics, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Keyscan Inc.

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Keypads Incorporate Most Asked-for Features

Rutherford Controls Int’l (RCI) recently introduced 9325i and 9325e keypads, the company’s response to increased calls for more functionality in a stand-alone keypad. Delivering features requested by the marketplace such as backlighting, audible annunciation and EEPROM memory, the RCI 9325 provides a cost-effective answer in interior and exterior applications, and is a practical choice for industrial, residential, commercial, institutional and healthcare facilities. Up to 120 users utilizing four- to eight-digit codes can use the RCI 9325. An aesthetically pleasing, surface-mount design assures easy installation, while its illuminated buttons make it easy to use in all lighting conditions. Programming can be done directly from the keypad. The EEPROM memory ensures safe storage of data even in a power failure.  Also available are programmable lockout and time delay of 1 to 90 seconds. Silent Mode can be activated when required.

Rutherford Controls International (RCI).
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All Control Electronics Are Housed in the Keypad

The company’s compact stand-alone solution pulls all of the control electronics into the keypad. It’s an easy-to-administer and cost-effective means of controlling access to a building. But because all control electronics are in the keypad, it’s not recommended for exterior or high-security applications. Compact systems can be fitted to one or many doors within a building, and additional doors may be added as required. They are available in a choice of TOUCHLOCK keypads, PROXIMITY readers and CARDLOCK (mag stripe) readers. Access is gained by using a code or PIN with a keypad or by presenting a valid token to readers. Simple token management using the company’s token packs allows for straightforward administration. The system allows for 10,000 users and up to 50 codes.

Paxton Access

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Scramble Keypad Reorders Numbers for Additional Security

PCSC’s Scramble Keypad SP-100 is designed to prevent PIN codes from being seen by onlookers. Every time the keypad is activated, the LED displays a different, randomly allocated set of numbers from 0 to 9. Only those standing directly in front of the keypad are able to see the scrambled digits. Lighted and scrambled digits have a very narrow viewing angle. The membrane keypad is extremely durable, and the SP-100 has a weatherproof rating of IP65. Individual PIN codes can be up to 5 digits in length, using a 26-bit card format. The keypad is ideal for high-security and high-traffic areas packed with possible “onlookers.” Those settings include airports, docks and banks.

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A Sleek, Simple & Ultra-Thin Choice

Digital Monitoring Products has introduced the most recent addition to its Thinline Series of ultra-low profile keypads. The innovative 7063A and 7073A Aqualite keypads contain an on-board DMP proximity reader that permits users to simply present their proximity credentials to the keypad to gain access to a secure area. In addition to being ultra-low profile, these keypads are simple, sleek and secure, and equally applicable to residential and commercial applications. Their cool blue lighting delivers an innovative design to the same flexible features as standard DMP keypads. Those features include alarm silence while systems remain armed; visual and audible alarm notification; and optional proximity reader integration that accepts HID 1300 Series credentials.

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP)
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Biometric Keypad Integrates with Most Alarm Panels

Napco’s Gemini product line has become even more appealing with the addition of the new indoor/outdoor Gemini BioReader biometric keypad. The BioReader can be integrated with most brands of alarm panels, or used as a stand-alone alarm and garage door access control solution. BioReader is compatible with all Gemini and Express security systems in 3- and 4-wire bus, and will easily operate electric garage doors and lighting systems. Simply touch a button to arm or disarm a system, or activate relay groups. The days of worrying about losing keys or memorizing complicated codes are over. BioReader’s optical biometric fingerprint reader does away with code pass-along. It helps assure reliable use by manual laborers and older individuals whose fingertips are worn and considered “hard to print.”

Napco Security Systems

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Keypad Provides an Interactive Link & Integrated Functionality

RS2’s MR-DT 16-position Display Terminal Keypad features an integrated 32-character LCD display. When combined with one of RS2’s System Control Processors, the keypad provides an interactive link and truly integrated functionality to the access control system. The unit features a 2-wire RS-485 port for direct connection to the access control system, as well as a reader port permitting attachment of an external reader to the unit. The display is a 32-character backlit LCD, providing system information clearly, even in conditions that make clear vision challenging. Text is displayed exactly as the controller sent it, providing access and alarm status feedback or other free-form messaging or instructions that the system generates.

RS2 Technologies LLC
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A Keypad for Stand-Alone Digital Entry Access Control

The model 1508 digital keypad from DoorKing is designed for stand-alone digital entry access control applications. Programmable from the keypad, the model 1508 enables the programming of up to 1,000 4-digit entry codes and six 5-digit entry codes. Also capable of being programmed are “hold” codes that result in the selected relay remaining activated and holding open a door or gate. In addition, Model 1508 features a request-to-exit input capable of activating the relay. Time zone inputs for controlled access per the programmed time zone restrictions are also possible, using the two time-clock inputs, one for each relay. 

DoorKing Inc.
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Door & Gate Control with Audit Trail

Dortronics Systems Inc. has helped make access control easier to use with a new compact stand-alone door and gate control with Audit Trail. The system will control two independent doors with one reader each, or one door with one or two readers for in/out control. Secure EZ-Prox cards, key fobs or the Dortronics #8160xWG heavy-duty keypad all can be utilized to provide access. A programming card or master code entered by the keypad is all it takes to program users in or out of the system. A computer and software aren’t needed. The Microsoft-compatible EZ-Logger software provided with the system allows audit trails to be easily downloaded using any computer. 

Dortronics Systems Inc.
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Centrally Managed Control without the Hassles of Hardwired Systems

Sargent’s Profile Series v.S2 products bring together WiFi technology, a Prox Reader, optional keypad and monitoring capabilities at the door. They are compatible with any open-architecture access control system, allowing the delivery of centrally managed control without much of the expense, labor and infrastructure upgrades that are part of a typical hardwired system. The v.S2 features ANSI/BHMA Grade A hardware. In addition, both an HID-compatible 125 kHz proximity reader and sensors monitoring door position, and request-to-exit activity are incorporated. All communications to and from the locksets are conducted via open standard 802.11 b/g WiFi infrastructure. That means it is not necessary to run cables from the door to the access control system. 

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A Wide Choice of Readers

SDC Security Door Controls E5 Series Entry Check is a PIN-only, Prox-only or Prox-and-PIN reader and controller. It can be used for multi-door, PC-managed applications controlling up to 99 doors, 198 readers, 3,000 users and guard patrol function. Or it can be employed for stand-alone applications. The E5 Series Entry Check also offers a wide selection of readers, among them a ruggedized biometric fingerprint reader, digital keypads, HID-compatible Prox readers and Prox-and-PIN readers, and magnetic swipe readers. Choose from narrow-frame mount and wall-mount readers for both interior and exterior use, including weatherized and vandal-resistant applications. The epoxy sealed input/output relay module is so compact it can fit inside a door frame, power supply, j-box or secure remote location to help ensure security and eliminate tampering.

SDC Security Door Controls
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Intuitive User Interface Promises Easier Operation, Programming

Risco Group USA has launched a more intuitive user interface to its flagship ProSYS Integrated Security Systems, in the form of a responsive touch-screen keypad that provides unprecedented operational and programming ease. The result is a system ideal for protecting remote sites using dual-path IP and GSM/GPRS communication.  The new keypad incorporates an elegant, low-profile design and highly responsive glass screen on a 7-inch display, with a cool blue backlight. The intuitive menu-driven interface is made even easier to use by the touch-screen keypad.

Risco Group USA
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Multi-Technology Keypad Reader Gives the Customer Options

The Schlage SXF2110 mid-range keypad features both 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz contactless smart card capability in one easy-to-use unit. It’s one reader that handles all applicable ISO standards (14443 and 156930). The SXF2110 is the logical choice for high-security applications in which two-factor (card and/or PIN) authentications are desired, and can be mounted on either standard U.S. single-gang electrical boxes or any typical wall-mount setting. Moreover, the unique modular design of the SXF2110 enables upgradeable changes in the field to be made easily if alteration is required after specification or installation. The unit features potted electronics and circuitry for weather protection. It is manufactured from highest-quality UV-resistant materials, inhibiting discoloration in all types of environmental conditions, the manufacturer stated.

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Tolerates Virtually any Environment

Combining an Essex virtually indestructible piezoelectric keypad reader with an HID EdgePlus controller, the Essex Keyless IP Series is the next generation of networked access control systems. It is unsurpassed in its ability to tolerate virtually any environment, whether encountered in extreme climates or inside a building, the company stated. The easy-to-use, stand-alone system can accommodate up to 1,000 users and 5,000 stored audit transactions, and is designed for single-door access control. Remote management and reporting feedback are performed through a standard Web browser.  No custom software need be installed.

Essex Electronics

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Choose from Single-Gang or Narrow Mullion Style Mounting

The new 7300 and 7400 Series standalone digital keypads are available in both single-gang box and narrow-mullion style mounting designs. All models share common programming and functional features, including 500-user PIN code capacity, three user levels (with three access levels per user), IP-65 water and dust resistance, two SPDT Form C relay outputs, REX and auxiliary inputs, tri-color LED and audible indicators, and an optical back tamper sensor. All models operate on 12-24 VDC or 16-24 VAC input.
DynaLock Corp.

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Full-Featured Outdoor Illuminated Stand-Alone Keypad

Seco-Larm’s Enforcer SK-1123-SQ is a weatherproof, rugged and vandal-resistant keypad appropriate for outdoor applications. Programmable to operate a fail-safe or fail-secure locking device, the SK-1123-SQ features two relays, each of which can be programmed for momentary (1 to 999 seconds) or latch. It also offers code flexibility, with user codes four to eight digits in length, egress input for exiting the protected premises and a mantrap – a feature allowing only one door to be open at any one time in a protected area with two doors. All features are programmed directly from the keypad, eliminating the need for an external programmer. The SK-1123-SQ signals a silent alarm if an authorized user is forced to open the door under duress. Its keypad can be programmed to emit beeps for key presses or operate in silent mode.

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Access Solution for Dual-Swing Doors and Parking Gates

Kaba Access Control has launched its new E-Plex Stand-Alone Access Controllers, which work with the E5000, E5200 and E5700 Series. Providing online-type functionality in an easy-to-install reader unit with keypad, the E-Plex Stand-Alone Access Controllers represent the electronic access solution for dual-swing doors, parking gates, turnstiles, glass doors, magnetic locks, electric strikes and more. The exclusive vandal-resistant tamper-switch circuitry helps the controller prevent unauthorized access, shutting down and emitting blue lights if tamper is attempted. The E-Plex Stand-Alone Access Controller interfaces with new or existing fire alarms and security systems, and is compatible with most electronic door hardware.

Kaba Access Control
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