Wireless Motion Detector for Difficult-to-Wire Locations

Honeywell offers the 5800PIR-OD Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector. The 5800PIR-OD, which is the newest member of Honeywell’s 5800 Series family of wireless devices, is an ideal solution for outdoor sensing applications in difficult-to-wire locations. It avoids the costs and time required for trenching and excavating, which is usually required for traditionally wired outdoor sensing technologies.

This robust, easy-to-install, battery-operated sensor delivers reliable outdoor performance and provides Honeywell dealers with an excellent way to increase recurring monthly revenue when used with Honeywell’s Total Connect digital communications solutions.
The 5800PIR-OD provides valuable property protection in both residential and commercial settings, including driveways, pool areas, boats, trailers, sheds and other areas. In commercial settings, the 5800PIR-OD can guard against copper theft in utility and electrical substations. It can protect building exterior entrances, car lots, rooftops and more.
Notable features include a range adjustable to 40 ft., immunity to both large and small animals, and two passive infrared (PIR) sensors that both must be tripped in order to declare an alarm. When used with Honeywell’s Total Connect digital communications solution, homeowners or business owners can be notified via e-mail or text message when the unit sees an object that triggers an alarm. The sensor is weatherproof and also features a temperature range of -4 deg. F to 122 deg. F.

Vehicle Detection System Provides Wireless Alerts, Contacts

Watch the Video of Actual Apprehensions

Videofied outdoor MotionViewers deliver verified perimeter security and operate up to four years on three AA batteries.

“Unplugged wireless” means instant installation; there is no trenching to get power or network cables to the perimeter and the system can be reconfigured as needs change.

The MotionViewer detects movement and sends a 10-second video clip of the actual intrusion over the cell network to a monitoring operator for immediate review and dispatch. Different from the typical CCTV surveillance camera, the simple wireless MotionViewer combines a passive infrared motion detector, infrared illuminators for night vision, and a digital video camera into a device the size of a fist.

To view video of actual apprehensions visitwww.videofied.com. For information call 877-206-5800.

Fiber Optic Fence Sensor Technology

SmarterFence™ is a fiber optic intrusion detection system that intelligently detects and warns of intruders while minimizing nuisance alarms. SmarterFence is specifically designed to provide reliable, early warning of intruders by detecting any attempt to cut, climb, or crawl under perimeter fences.

SmarterFence Fence Sensor System consists of a processor module that transmits a laser beam through a fiber optic sensor cable that is sensitive to a wide range of vibration, flexing, compression and cutting, while at the same time minimizing nuisance alarms from natural causes. Since SmarterFence relies on light as the detection method, it is intrinsically safe as it does not radiate signals, nor is it susceptible to electrical interference. This makes it particularly suitable for use in hazardous industrial locations where there is risk of fire or explosion.
SmarterFence cable is very easy to install; field repair or replacement of a damaged section of cable is routine when using a simple but effective splice connector.
Disturbance of the sensor cable is detected in the SmarterFence Processor and analyzed using a microcontroller with a digital signal processor. If the disturbance exceeds pre-set conditions, an alarm will be generated.
For information visit www.smartersecurity.com

Sensors for Outdoor and Indoor Applications

The ENFORCER Curtain/Barrier Sensors are available in new 11-inch length, two-beam models. The E-9611-2B25 (black case) and E-9611-2W25 (white case) have the same outstanding features as the eight other models of Curtain/Barrier Sensors. Each sensor has a 50-foot range indoors (a 25-foot range outdoors) and can be installed in narrow spaces.

The sensors can be programmed to trigger on the breaking of a single beam or  any two adjacent beams. Other features include rugged, weatherproof, aluminum construction for indoor and outdoor protection, a normally open/normally closed 1Amp relay, and a built-in LED alignment system and tamper circuit.
SECO-LARM has 10 different models of ENFORCER Curtain/Barrier Sensors available, in lengths from two-beam models in 11-inch cases, up to 10-beam models in 80-inch cases.
For information visit www.seco-larm.com.

New Features Improve Outdoor Detector

The WatchOUT eXtreme outdoor detector from RISCO Group delivers a suite of unique technologies that bolster event recognition and optimizes protection against vandalism.

Its sway recognition technology recognizes and excludes objects — such as swaying bushes and trees — that would trigger traditional intruder detection systems. Digital correlation technology helps eliminate false alarms caused by pets and rapid temperature changes. Active IR anti-mask detects any masking of the lens or other impediment to viewing, including a dirty lens, and should vandals attempt to sabotage or mask the detector, a proximity alert is issued, generated by on-board directional and proximity analysis. Anti-collision technology allows multiple units to be installed face-to-face or back-to-back for maximum installation flexibility.

For information visit www.riscogroup.com.

Security from the Outside In

PowerFence™ Trophy FT integrates the unique advantages of advanced PowerFence™ perimeter security with the sophisticated security integration platform provided by Cardax FT. The integrated solution enables sites to manage system-wide security through one management platform, through a single user interface.

PowerFence™ systems are non-lethal electric fence systems designed to both deter and detect would-be intruders. The manufacturer stated that they have been proven on-the-job for more than 20 years and installed on a wide variety of sites from general commercial to critical infrastructure.
Cardax systems, too, have been designed and developed for more than 20 years. The latest technology platform, Cardax FT, is a Microsoft® Windows®-based security system now extending beyond its description as an electronic access control and intruder alarm system.
High-level integration with PowerFence™ Trophy FT means that perimeter security is now fully supported in the Cardax FT system. PowerFence™ Trophy FT fence controllers, keypads and fence zones are all directly configured in the Cardax FT Command Centre, the management system. Cardax FT events and alarms, alarm instructions and action plans are established for perimeter security, for example, intruder detection on individual fence zones. 
For information visit www.powerfence.com.

Transmitter/Receiver Set Is Immune to EMI

The IMB-150RD from STR Security is an electromagnetic interference immune dual-frequency transmitter receiver set designed to identify human beings within a protected area. Due to the configuration of the antenna and the ability to calibrate the unit manually, it may be installed in rough terrain, with an ability to continue proper operation with almost 3 feet of snow on the ground.

One of the advantages of this unit is that it does not require constant calibration. This unit is very resistant to adverse weather conditions, and continues proper operation in an extreme temperature range (-40 deg. to +149 deg. F).
Upon detection of an intrusion, the IMB-150RD outputs an alarm through a normally closed dry relay contact, by opening it. This feature gives it the ability to be used with virtually all security systems.
For information visit www.strsecurity.com.

Photo Beam Maker Claims: No Wires, No Hassles

According to OPTEX, its new AX-100TFR and AX-200TFR are a revolution in the perimeter security industry, offering a significant cost-saving alternative to a traditional hardwired system. No trenching is required, drastically reducing installation costs. The units come wireless-ready with a multi-functional back box and are compatible with most manufacturers’ wireless systems.

The AX-TFR series comes with four 3.6V batteries, with an average lifespan of five years on the 100-foot model and three years on the 200-foot model.
These wireless-ready, battery-operated photoelectric beams are perfect for setting up a perimeter at job sites, remote locations and areas where trenching is not an option.
99 percent beam blocking stability enables stable operation with as much as 99 percent loss of beam energy caused by heavy rain, dust storms, fog or snow.
For information visit www.optexamerica.com.

Sensor Has Enhanced Bird & Animal Immunity

PROTECH’s PIRAMID XL2 outdoor dual-technology sensors incorporate improved digital signal processing for enhanced bird and animal immunity. The PIRAMID sensors are used extensively to protect specific assets and strategic areas in both military/government and commercial applications. The sensor’s most important attribute is its unique false-alarm-free performance.

For maximum effectiveness and reliability the PIRAMID XL2 should be used in a fenced, controlled area.
The PIRAMID XL2 sensors should be considered for any outdoor area where there is a threat of terrorism, vandalism, sabotage or theft.
For information visit www.protechusa.com.

Specialty Radar System for Robots

ICx Technologies, a developer of advanced sensor technologies for homeland security, force protection and commercial applications, has secured from General Dynamics Robotic Systems a multi-year contract for the Mobile Detection Assessment and Response System (MDARS) Intruder Detection Radar Sensor.

MDARS, a program of the Army’s JPEO-CBD–PM Force Protection Systems, is a nimble robotic patrol force on wheels, designed to perform random patrols around Department of Defense warehouses, airfields, ammunition supply depots and port facilities. It detects intruders and determines the status of inventory, barriers and locks.
For information visit www.icxt.com.

Control for Enterprise-Wide Applications

Built on the V5 Network Security ApplianceTM, the Vindicator IDS solution is the central control unit for enterprise-wide security needs. The V5 IDS server receives input directly via on-board I/O, from sensors connected to Vindicator field transponders, from V5 ACS servers, and from third-party systems.

It also directly controls advanced assessment solutions such as CCTV and thermal-imaging systems, ground and water-based radar systems. The V5 IDS server processes events and sends relevant information to one or more VCC consoles for operator interaction, response and dispatch.